Herzlich Willkommen im Burghotel Nürnberg
Herzlich Willkommen im Burghotel Nürnberg
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contact & location


Opening Times:

Monday to Friday       06:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Saturday & Sunday   12:00 am - 02:30 pm

and from                    06:00 pm - 12:00 pm


We are closed om Tuesdays!


You can find us here:

Restaurant Burgschänke

Albrecht-Dürer-Straße 2

D - 90403 Nürnberg


Reservations via:

Phone:        + 49 (0) 911 / 20 99 14

Email:          info@burghotel-nuernberg.de


Location – You Can Find Us Here ...


The restaurant Burgschänke is right in the middle of the historical Old Town of Nuremberg and only 20 metres away from our hotel. A detailled itinerary when arriving by car or public transport is available for you under Getting There. We are looking forward to your visit!

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